Marine Engineering

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Marine Engineering Special Apprenticeship ...

The long standing apprenticeship in marine engineering,

Dating back to 1948 onwards...

Produced veterans on global marine trade from Sri Lanka, anchored in

institute of engineering technology for academic phase...


Produced versatile cadets with a enormous 2 years hands on experience in dockyard and and power plants...


HOD’s Message

Mr. Rodney de Silva

Head of Department (Marine Engineering)


 Dear Students,


I take the privilege to welcome you all to the Department of Marine Engineering at Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) Sri Lanka. The department seeks to combine excellence in education and research with service to the industry. Our vision is to be recognized as an innovative and leading Marine Engineering Department in the State and beyond.


Marine Engineering is a gateway to a great career in life. Man and the ocean are closely connected in bringing the world together. Trade, commerce, industry and business have flourished all over the five continents. In Marine Engineering, the sky's the limit and the ocean is your target.


We, at IET strive to provide all students with the necessary academic, training and intellectual tools to succeed in college. The IET management and staff nurture the students with a perspective of the world that enables them to be an ambassador of compassion, selflessness and goodwill. With this balanced overview, students can be future community leaders and productive citizens.


I assure you, IET will mould you for your bright career in Marine Engineering.


Our Quality Policy

To be an institute of excellence in providing training in marine engineering ,

to cater to the needs of the developing maritime industry.

We are committed to comply with ISO (9001:2000) requirements and applicable regulatory and / or statutory requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality management system